Video Conference

  • Video conferencing allows two or more locations to interact using two-way video and audio transmissions.
  • Acrocom can design and install a video conferencing system for personal, business, and educational use.
  • We offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from computer-based configurations to stand alone hardware.
  • Hardware/Software Solutions
  • Collaboration/Webinars
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Presentations
  • Global Meetings

For more information about what our team at Acrocom has to offer, contact us at (817) 870-2921.

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Why Choose Us

  • Full Suite of IT and Communications Solutions
  • Locally Owned and Operated For Over 28 Years
  • Onsite and In-Store Services Offered
  • Warranty Repair for Many Major Brands
  • Extensive Experience Installing and Servicing All Versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS