Network Security Solutions

Providing Additional Security & Firewalls

Whether you are a single-employee office or a 500+ employee international corporation, we have security and firewall solutions to meet your needs. At University Computers, we offer a broad range of solutions to help you sleep better at night – knowing your business and its network are in safe hands. We also offer a comprehensive managed IT package to fit virtually any budget, making it almost impossible to find a reason not to sign up for our impenetrable protection.

We offer the following security and firewall services:

  • Proactive infrastructure management
  • Wireless security solutions to handle hazards from guest users
  • Advanced networking and VLAN installation
  • Content filtering
  • Customization of firewall options
  • Point to Point T1 setup

We service all version of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS!

Whether you operate a PC or Mac, firewall and security protection is absolutely essential in today's modern world of hacking, viruses, and unexpected network threats. For more information about how to protect yourself and your business from the costs of a disaster, contact us today by calling (817) 870-2921 right away.

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  • Full Suite of IT and Communications Solutions
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  • Extensive Experience Installing and Servicing All Versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS